The Shawnee Boat & Ski Club, Inc.

…is a not for profit group that was organized in 1954 by nine families to promote boating and water skiing safety. In 1958 the county approved a lease agreement and the club moved to its present location. The jump and docks were then built by the club and put in the water. In March of 1959 a road was completed to the area and permission was granted, by the county, to ski seven days a week. Soon after, the club suggested to the county that the east cove was well protected from wind and would be a good place for a new boat ramp. The county agreed and the boat ramp was put in. After several years of fund raising and contributions by members, the club built the shelter house in 1974 and added the deck in 1983. The original docks were removed in the fall of 1999. The club built and installed new docks in the late winter and early spring of 2000. Currently the club has a membership of approximately 70 families with a board of eleven directors elected each January. The club actively strives to maintain and improve the premises it occupies today using membership dues and donations. The club is affiliated with the American Water Ski Association and actively strives to promote safe boating and water sports. The club is active throughout the year and members assist with a number of Lake Shawnee events, including the Tinman, the Spirit of Topeka 4th of July Celebration, the Great Plains Rowing Championships and the TARC Winter Wonderland. The club also hosts one water ski tournament a year, which it has done since 1970. Several members participate in competitive water skiing and we are proud of our members who have represented Topeka at both regional and national events. The club also sponsors a family at Christmas. If you are new to the sport of water skiing, our club members are more than happy to provide you with a wealth of knowledge about skiing as a recreation or a competitive sport. Our members are involved in a variety of water skiing facets such as barefoot water skiing, water ski jumping, wake boarding, trick skiing and slalom skiing. You will find our members to be friendly, helpful and dedicated to boating safety. We invite you to join our club and participate in the fun and enjoyable sport of water-skiing.